I am honored to be of service and love helping others feel better! I appreciate each and every one of my clients with all my heart and am blessed to witness them achieve the goals they were seeking.

These lovely testimonials have been submitted by those who have had at least one session with me and were so kind to share their healing journey with you. 

Existing clients, if you wish to share your experience on here as well, I would love to feature your testimonial on this page! If interested, please submit your testimonial at sessions@hearttoheartwithsylvia.com.

Thank you very much!

As always, I wish you all continued peace and happiness!

~ Sylvia Somogyi

Heart to Heart Healing (3)

"Sylvia is fantastic at what she does. Her Emotion code, Body code, and PSYCH-K sessions have tremendously helped me and changed me for the better. I have noticed wonderful results and highly recommend for people to check her services out. Believe me, you will be very impressed."

~ Garry S.

From New Jersey

"Sylvia is naturally warm and kind and her desire for you to have a transformation and relief during the session is felt throughout! Her energy and approach is very inviting and delicate and you form trust with her from the very beginning. With her presence, Sylvia holds the container for you to crack open and release anything that may be holding on to energetically or physically in your body. I felt such a release and peace after my session. If you are thinking about doing a PSYCH-K session with Sylvia, this is your sign to do it!"

~ Olga D.

From Florida

"Sylvia is an exceptional facilitator in aiding the body's healing process. Her support has been invaluable in assisting both myself and my son in overcoming various health issues, including anxiety. I am deeply appreciative of her unique dedication to this incredible healing modality. So grateful to you Sylvia!"

~ Lisa C.

From New Jersey

"Incredible Healing. After one session with Sylvia, I feel better than I have in 2 years. I was having anxiety issues around driving and physical pain issues. Amazing. I would highly recommend a session with Sylvia for anyone having emotional, physical or spiritual issues. Thank you Sylvia!!"

~ Eva R.

From Delaware

"Sylvia is such a warm hearted soul, always approachable and available when you need her.
I’ve had many remote emotion code sessions with her and I’m grateful for each and everyone of them."

~ Ray M.

From Australia

"Sylvia is a living, breathing, walking angel on earth! She's kind, bubbly and has an abundance of faith in her healing modalities. I could feel her beautiful energy in my interactions with her. We had such amazing conversations during our sessions and they gave me such hope! Working together with Sylvia, I was able to clear a ton of stuck energies! I now feel so much lighter and more at peace. I have even gained the confidence and clarity to start pursuing my own journey to find my calling and to help others heal!"

~ Patti B.

From Pennsylvania

"I have seen significant changes in my cat after a session with Sylvia. My cat was given to me from a woman who had her declawed. Sylvia identified a time when she experienced terror and released it. After checking her records I noticed this was the exact age she had been declawed. The change after her session was remarkable for this cat spent years in a state of timid seclusion and now she is affectionate and much calmer and self assured. I am so happy for her long overdue integration into my household."

~ Dorlyn S.

From Pensylvania

"Sylvia worked on my hip pain early Summer 2019. It was my left hip. I had been carrying the pain since 2004. Doctors were unable to help me. The results have truly amazed me. I have been pain free to date! I had a trapped emotion causing the pain. Sylvia identified the emotion and when it happened. From that information I knew exactly what event in my life caused the pain and I was able to release it. I highly recommend Sylvia’s services. She has a sweet and caring demeanor that gently welcomes you to healing."

~ Donna P.

From Delaware

"Sylvia is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. She has so much love for helping and healing others. I felt so much lighter and happier after the emotion code session."

~ Amy P.

From New Jersey

"I did this with Sylvia and I have been eating in concordance with the Healthy Living with Arbonne for the past at least 8 years...Also have made sure God has been a stronger presence in my life! I have had a severe allergic reaction to avocados for over 25 years...Well... I'm using moderation and able to eat avocados again with "NO" reaction so far!!! I love that fruit! How wonderful that my body is accepting this healthy fat again!"

~ Robin P.

From California

"Sylvia got me through cancer treatments, I HIGHLY recommend her!! You won't be sorry."

~ Colleen M.

From New Jersey
"Sylvia Somogyi truly wants the best for everyone who interacts with her. She worked on a few things with me, one of them being, unlocking my abundance blocks. After a couple sessions with her, I got a new client and made a big change to move which opened up some amazing opportunities.
I feel at peace with my finances now and the abundance that is around me."

~ Brittany R.

From Canada

"Sylvia is kind and thoughtful in her interactions, she helped me in my healing journey! I highly recommend her."

~ Alejandra D.

From Pennsylvania

"Healers need healing too, and I trust Sylvia Somogyi over everyone else I've worked with. I needed help getting through a rough couple days and was unable to work on myself. Sylvia performed one session with me, and I felt great afterward. Complete turnaround. Sylvia is WONDERFULLY talented and cares so much about her clients. Five Stars."

~ Lori Y.

From Texas

"I attended Sylvia's sessions especially when I was going through a rough phase of my life and processing grief. The day of the healing session I slept for 10 hours straight in the night. I also observed that certain repetitive patterns stopped especially those situations that made me feel 'I am not wanted'. Her sessions are equally powerful both online and distance. I highly recommend Sylvia's sessions whether you are looking for physical well-being or improving your mental health."

~ Nizam T.

From India

"I will say it again, I don't know what she does, I can only share how I feel after our sessions. I have an excellent example. I had something weighing heavily on me (medical) that needs time to work itself out. It caused a lot of anxiety and fear. We did a distant session because I couldn't get to her. It was my first and I had no faith it would work. I never thought this therapy would help me in person...let alone miles apart. But here I am! Relieved. Centered. Strong. Some things you don't have to understand."

~ Peggy S.

From New Jersey

"If you are anxious and feel out of sorts, this is the place to go. Sylvia will make you feel grounded and ready to handle the world. I have seen amazing results."

~ Linda A.

From New Jersey
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