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New clients are always welcome! I offer a 15-minute complimentary phone call to connect with those who are searching for their energy healing practitioner. In this call we discuss areas you wish to address that create imbalances in your life. I can muscle test for you to find out if a heart-wall is present and if your body is ready to let it go. And I can check if any limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving the results you are seeking. I'm also happy to muscle test one or two trapped emotions for you if you wish. We can release them together over the call to give you an idea of what to expect in future sessions. My goal as a practitioner is to make sure all clients experience a welcoming and loving connection. If you feel I'm the right practitioner for you, then please go ahead and book your first session. I strongly recommend all new clients book at least three sessions with me so that they can continue their energy clearings for the most benefits!


Heart-guided sessions intended to:

  • Connect to Divine Light
  • Expand your lightness
  • Raise your vibration
  • Transform discomfort into easiness
  • Ease emotional distress
  • Balance your emotions
  • Calm your mind
  • Clear limiting beliefs
  • Shift your awareness
  • Uplift your thoughts
  • Embrace empowering affirmations

In-person Sessions:

Come and visit me in-person to calm your mind, uplift your spirit, and relax within. Sessions are available at my in-home studio located in Vineland, NJ. The healing modalities offered are Reiki, the Emotion Code, the Body Code, and/or PSYCH-K®.  Each session is unique. We use what modalities are needed at the time. You may choose which one you’d like to use as well.

  • Gentle flowing Reiki
  • Embrace positive empowering affirmations and goal statements with PSYCH-K®
  • Release trapped emotions using the Emotion Code
  • Balance your energy within using the Body Code system
  • Heated Ameythst crystal BioMat*
  • Calming space
  • Soft healing music
  • Twinkle light ambiance
  • White Himalayan salt rock lamps
  • Diffused aromatherapy
  • Loving and encouraging support

*All in-person Reiki sessions include use of relaxing on a heated Amethyst crystal BioMat. The therapeutic components of the BioMat work to remove blockages creating better communication between the brain, the autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems, and all organs of the body to balance and stabilize the bodies' systems and strengthen the body’s own self-healing power.


Prices for In-person Sessions:

Reiki (1 hour)
Reiki + Emotion Code, Body Code, and/or PSYCH-K® (90 minutes)
Reiki + Emotion Code, Body Code, and/or PSYCH-K® (2 hours)

In-person Sessions

Distant Sessions:

Since all energy healing sessions are working with the energy field of the body, healing can be received from a distance. You can be on the other side of the planet and still feel the effects just as well as if we were in the same room.

The distant healing sessions I offer are intended to provide you with a loving, positive experience. I use a gentle, heart-guided practice to help you relax and center yourself. I use both the Emotion Code and Bode Code systems to help identify the biggest imbalances within the body and safely clear them to help you feel better, lighter, and free.

Prices for Distant Sessions:

Emotion Code/Body Code (30 minutes)
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Reiki (30 minutes)

Distant healing sessions can be provided through phone, Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Zoom. If you do not wish to have a session through a call, then it will be completed on my own and your session summary report will be emailed to you shortly after.

Distant Sessions

PLEASE NOTE: Important Information Regarding All Energy Healing Sessions

  • Please see your doctor regularly and seek all appropriate medical attention as needed. All forms of energy healing are not replacements of health doctors and medicine.
  • Drinking plenty of water, before, during, and after a session is highly recommended!
  • Your body will need a few days to process emotions and energies released. You may feel emotional afterward for a day or two, and this is OK!

If you have any questions about any of the services I offer, please reach out and message me.


All energy healing sessions, whether in-person or distant, including Reiki, PSYCH-K®, The Emotion Code® and The Body Code System®, are complementary energy-based modalities that never substitute medical care by any licensed physician or mental health counselor. Energy healing has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Energy healing promotes energy balance within, intending to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Services provided by Sylvia Somogyi and/or Heart to Heart Healing, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Sylvia is not a licensed health care provider and she makes absolutely no claims as to healing and recovery from any illness. Prices are subject to change anytime and there are no refunds.

Please read full disclaimer here.

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