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I became passionate with energy medicine after receiving a few sessions myself and feeling a profound improvement in my general emotional well-being. For as long as I remember I have always been a highly sensitive person which often times led to symptoms of anxiety and other emotional imbalances. I am beyond grateful to God for my healing and to guiding me to integrating Reiki, Emotion Code, and PSYCH-K® into my life. I consider all forms of healing resources a Divine gift from above.

My purpose here is to help you with your own healing process using heart-centered modalities that have helped me. My goal is to ensure that when we work together we experience a loving, heart-to-heart connection. The intention of each session is to create a sacred and safe space for facilitating change. In PSYCH-K®, we embrace Isumataq, an Inuit word that simply means, “The keeper of the sacred space in which wisdom is revealed.” This is what I desire for you. An opportunity for you to access the knowledge, wisdom, and power within you that is needed to assist in the transformation you are seeking.


Sylvia Somogyi

I discovered energy medicine in 2018 and began studying Usui's System of Natural Healing at Philadelphia's Reiki School + Clinic. After three years of dedicating over 300 hours of classes, hands-on practice, and volunteer work, I completed training in all levels of Reiki. In 2020, I became certified as a Medical Reiki Master through Raven Keyes and her training program.

During the summer of 2019 I came across the book The Emotion Code, written by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Shortly after reading The Emotion Code and learning about the Heart Wall® mentioned in his book, I had booked a session with a certified Emotion Code practitioner. After my fourth session, the emotional wall around my heart had been completely removed and for the first time in my life I began to smile for no reason at all. I felt light and a sense of glow around me, a wonderful feeling I had never felt before.

By December 2019, I became a certified Emotion Code® practitioner (level 1), and then shortly after, in 2020, a certified Body Code™ practitioner (level 2). In 2023 I finished the certification course for the Belief Code® (level 3). All programs are developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson and trainings are available online for anyone to learn. If you are interested in becoming certified yourself in the Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code, please use my affiliate link at Discover Healing.

During my own healing journey I've learned the importance of creating positive thoughts to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. I discovered the power of PSYCH-K® through another Body Code practitioner and loved the process of integrating positive affirmations into goal statements that leads one's path to a life full of potential and precious gifts. In 2022 I attended the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop and now recognized in the PSYCH-K® community as a PSYCH-K® facilitator. In 2023 I continued my PSYCH-K® journey by attending and completing both the Master Facilitation and Advanced Integration Workshops.

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