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"Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being."

~Greg Anderson

Complimentary to medicine and other therapies, energy healing helps us move towards emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony. 

Healing takes us on a path of change. It guides us to pay closer attention to ourselves and helps us make the necessary adjustments in life that support our well-being.

During our healing we discover that we subconsciously hold onto unprocessed past emotions, traumas, and unhealthy energetic patterns. They become stored on a cellular level blocking us from a happier, healthier, balanced life.

Energetic healing helps clear these blockages and facilitates the body to reset itself to its natural state of balance. It leads to alignment and connection between the heart, mind, body, and spirit.

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Feeling Better Together with Heart-to-Heart Sessions:


Are you longing for more of a sense of inner peace, calm, and balance in your life? Are you ready to move forward and let go of emotional dis-ease to make the change you wish to see?

Unlock your well-being and begin your healing journey using a combination of effective, yet gentle therapeutic modalities and techniques to help you on your path.

Each session is unique and holds a sacred and safe space for you to facilitate change.


Create goals and belief statements that inspire you to grow into your most beautiful self. Reframe your thoughts to shift limiting beliefs into ones that empower and support your life. Make the change at a cellular level. Transform the perception of stress to a state of peace within a matter of minutes.

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Emotion Code®, Body Code™, & Belief Code®

Using these modalities together we unlock trapped emotions and release entire faulty belief systems to facilitate inner harmony. Clear the emotional walls around your heart so may love more freely with an open heart.


Unwind and calm the whole body into a deep sense of relaxation and peacefulness with the gentle touch of Reiki. This wondrous, gentle touch practice is applied to the body to bring the flow of energy back into balance.

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Meet Sylvia

Sylvia is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and a certified Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code, and Reiki practitioner. She offers private sessions in-person in Vineland, NJ, or remotely over the phone or zoom. If you have any questions and would like to connect with Sylvia before booking a session, you are welcome to a complimentary 15-minute call. 

"Sylvia is fantastic at what she does. Her Emotion code, Body code, and PSYCH-K sessions have tremendously helped me and changed me for the better. I have noticed wonderful results and highly recommend for people to check her services out. Believe me, you will be very impressed."


Garry S.

New Jersey

"Sylvia is an exceptional facilitator in aiding the body's healing process. Her support has been invaluable in assisting both myself and my son in overcoming various health issues, including anxiety. I am deeply appreciative of her unique dedication to this incredible healing modality. So grateful to you Sylvia!"

Lisa C.

New Jersey

"Incredible Healing. After one session with Sylvia, I feel better than I have in 2 years. I was having anxiety issues around driving and physical pain issues. Amazing. I would highly recommend a session with Sylvia for anyone having emotional, physical or spiritual issues. Thank you Sylvia!!"

Eva R.


"If you are anxious and feel out of sorts, this is the place to go. Sylvia will make you feel grounded and ready to handle the world. I have seen amazing results."

Linda A.

New Jersey

"Sylvia is a living, breathing, walking angel on earth! She's kind, bubbly and has an abundance of faith in her healing modalities. I could feel her beautiful energy in my interactions with her. We had such amazing conversations during our sessions and they gave me such hope! Working together with Sylvia, I was able to clear a ton of stuck energies! I now feel so much lighter and more at peace. I have even gained the confidence and clarity to start pursuing my own journey to find my calling and to help others heal!"

Patti B.


"Sylvia worked on my hip pain early Summer 2019. It was my left hip. I had been carrying the pain since 2004. Doctors were unable to help me. The results have truly amazed me. I have been pain free to date! I had a trapped emotion causing the pain. Sylvia identified the emotion and when it happened. From that information I knew exactly what event in my life caused the pain and I was able to release it. I highly recommend Sylvia’s services. She has a sweet and caring demeanor that gently welcomes you to healing."

Donna P.

Heart to Heart Healing (3)


All energy healing sessions, whether in-person or distant, including Reiki, PSYCH-K®, Emotion Code®, Body Code™, and/or Belief Code® are complementary energy-based modalities that never substitute medical care by any licensed physician or mental health counselor. Please see your doctor regularly. Sessions do not diagnose, treat, cure, heal, or prevent any disease or illness. Session results are never guaranteed and vary from person to person. Prices are subject to change and there are no refunds.

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